Wednesday, 14 July 2010

postheadericon How To Play The Guitar For Beginners.

Playing the guitar as a beginner can sometimes be daunting and frustrating.

Playing your first chord and practising getting your fingers to get into the same chord formation takes a mixture of willingness, passion and a dash of pure goat stubborness. 

When I first started to play, my first chord that I started to learn was the G chord. I practised for a few nights just getting my fingers to land back in the same place.

Definately a lot of preserverance, but in the end I managed to master a few more after a couple of weeks.

I ended up teaching myself straight from books but as time went on I started to notice others around me with the gift of playing so I would from time to time ask for some tuition or tips. 

There's an abundance of resource materials that you can learn from, one I personally would like to highlight is Jamorama Learn Online guitar lessons. They offer step by step high quality video tutorials on how to play the guitar for beginners to advanced.  Don't take my word for it, see for yourself. 

Click on the Jamorama link above to go to their website. Once you're there you will find courses, free lessons, online chord books etc everything you actually need and more on how to play the guitar for beginners.

What are the advantages?  

Well for one, if you go for music lessons they normally last as one hour sessions and you can easily spend the whole lesson learning one or two simple steps. 

Sixty minutes later - the lesson is up. 

Why don't you spend what you would on one lesson and get a course from Jamorama guitar lessons!    
- Where you can playback guitar tutorials when you want and for as long as you want. 

There are many online guitar lessons, I have used Jamorama in the past and now my daughter has conveniently appropriated them.  

Do some research online or have a look at the google ads on this blog to find out how to play the guitar for beginners!